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Unbeatable Reasons To Choose The Angel Juicer 8500 For Optimal Health

Are you seeking an efficient and reliable juicer to help you take your health to the next level? Look no further than the Angel Juicer. This powerful juicer is designed to make juicing easy and provide fresh, nutrient-packed juice you can enjoy every day. This blog post will discuss why the Angel Juicer 8500 is the best choice for optimal health. Please keep reading to learn more about this incredible juicer and why it’s the perfect addition to your kitchen.

The Angel Juicer Is Incredibly Versatile

The Angel Juicer is a powerful, versatile juicer that can handle various fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Whether you want to make fresh juice from carrots, beets, apples, or leafy greens, this juicer is up to the task. It is also great for making nut milk, soy milk, wheatgrass juice, and even baby food.

With the ability to handle a range of ingredients, the Angel Juicer is a great investment for anyone looking to boost their health with fresh and nutrient-dense juices. Plus, with its powerful motor and efficient extraction process, you can get the most juice out of your ingredients, reducing waste and saving money in the long run. So if you want a juicer that can handle any job and deliver delicious and nutritious juice every time, the Angel Juicer is the perfect choice.

Angel Juicer 8500The Angel Juicer Retains More Nutrients Than Other Juicers

One of the biggest advantages of the Angel Juicer is its ability to retain more nutrients than other juicers on the market. The patented twin-gear technology in the Angel Juicer extracts juice from fruits and vegetables with minimal heat and oxidation. It means the juice is packed with vital nutrients, enzymes, and antioxidants essential for optimal health.

Unlike other juicers that use high-speed centrifugal force to extract juice, the Angel Juicer uses a slow, gentle squeezing process that keeps the enzymes and nutrients intact. The low-speed process ensures minimal oxidation, meaning the juice retains its nutritional value for longer. The juice extracted from the Angel Juicer can stay fresh for up to 72 hours, longer than any other juicer on the market.

Another advantage of the Angel Juicer is that it can juice a wide range of fruits and vegetables, including hard and fibrous produce like carrots and kale. The powerful twin-gear system of the Angel Juicer crushes and squeezes the produce to extract every drop of juice. It means that you get more juice from every fruit and vegetable and don’t waste any of the nutrients.

Overall, the Angel Juicer is an excellent investment for anyone looking to improve their health and well-being. Its unique twin-gear technology, combined with its ability to juice a wide range of products, makes it one of the best juicers on the market. Whether you’re a health enthusiast or just looking to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet, the Angel Juicer is worth considering.

The Angel Juicer 8500s Is Easy To Use And Clean

Another great reason to choose the Angel Juicer 8500s for your juicing needs is its easy use and cleanness. Unlike other juicers on the market, this machine has a simple design that makes it a breeze to operate. You won’t have to fuss with complicated settings or spend hours reading the manual to figure out how to get started.

Cleaning the Angel Juicer is also a snap, thanks to its detachable parts and a self-cleaning feature. After you’re done juicing, disassemble the machine and rinse the parts off under running water. You can also put the details in the dishwasher if you need to deep clean. Plus, with the self-cleaning feature, you can pour water into the juicer and let it do the work. The ease of use and cleaning of the Angel Juicer saves you time and ensures that you’ll be more likely to use the machine regularly.

You won’t have to worry about a long and complicated cleaning process after each use, so you’ll be more likely to make fresh, healthy juice regularly. Overall, the Angel Juicer is a great investment for anyone looking to improve their health and wellness. With its versatility, nutrient retention, durability, affordability, and ease of use and cleaning, there’s no question that this juicer is one of the best on the market. Try it out for yourself and experience the many benefits of healthy, fresh juice made with the Angel Juicer.

The Angel Juicer Is Durable And Reliable

Investing in a high-quality juicer is an excellent way to prioritise your health and well-being. The Angel Juicer is built to last and is incredibly durable. Made with sturdy stainless steel components and designed to withstand heavy use, this juicer is a smart choice for anyone wanting to maximise their investment.

Whether you plan to use your juicer every day or only occasionally, the Angel Juicer will always be there for you. Unlike other juicers prone to breaking down or malfunctioning after a few months, the Angel Juicer is built to withstand years of use.

One of the key reasons why the Angel Juicer is so durable is that it uses a twin-gear system to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. The twin-gear system is specifically designed to handle tough produce and remove every last drop of juice without putting undue strain on the machine.

When you invest in an Angel Juicer, you can be confident that you’re getting a reliable machine that will last for years. Plus, if you ever run into any issues, the Angel Juicer comes with a comprehensive warranty covering any manufacturing defects.

Overall, the durability and reliability of the Angel Juicer make it an excellent investment for anyone who wants to enjoy healthy, delicious juices every day without worrying about their machine breaking down or wearing out over time.

The Angel Juicer Is Affordable

Not only does the Angel Juicer come with a variety of amazing benefits, but it’s also very affordable for the quality of the machine you’re getting. With its durable and reliable construction, you won’t have to worry about replacing your juicer every few months. Although it may cost more than some lower-end juicers, it’s worth the investment in the long run.

The juicer is designed with a long lifespan, meaning less money is spent on replacements over time. The fact that it can extract more juice from the produce also saves you money on buying additional produce. So not only do you get more nutrient-rich juice, but you also get more of it for your money.

And with the Angel Juicer’s versatile design, you can make more than just juice. This machine offers endless possibilities for healthy meals and snacks, from nut butter to pasta. The Angel Juicer’s affordability is unmatched in the market and definitely makes it one of the best juicers to invest in.

Overall, investing in an Angel Juicer is a smart choice for those looking to improve their health and incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables into their diets. Its affordability, durability, versatility, and high nutritional yield make it an unbeatable choice. And with its easy-to-use design and simple cleanup process, you’ll enjoy your new juicer’s benefits in no time.

The Angel Juicer Comes With A Warranty

Another reason why the Angel Juicer stands out from the rest because it comes with a warranty. It gives you peace of mind, knowing you are covered in case of any defects or issues with your juicer.

The warranty period for the Angel Juicer is one year. During this time, you can have any faulty parts repaired or replaced without worrying about additional costs. It’s important to note that the warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, so you must follow the care and maintenance instructions outlined in the manual.

A warranty also shows that the manufacturer has faith in their product and stands by its quality. It is a testament to the level of durability and reliability that the Angel Juicer possesses.

Investing in the Angel Juicer means that you have a reliable, durable and easy-to-use juicer and the added bonus of having a warranty. It’s worth investing in for anyone looking to improve their health through juicing.

The Angel 8500s Twin Gear Juicer Is Made With Quality Materials

One of the most important aspects of any juicer is the materials that it is made from. With the Angel 8500s twin gear juicer, you can rest assured that it is constructed from high-quality materials designed to last.

The juicer features twin gears made from surgical-grade stainless steel, ensuring they are both durable and hygienic. Additionally, the juicer’s body is made from high-quality food-grade stainless steel, which looks sleek and modern and extremely robust and corrosion-resistant.

What’s more, the Angel Juicer is BPA-free, meaning that no harmful chemicals or toxins are present in the juicer. It is crucial, as it means that you can enjoy healthy, nutritious juice without worrying about any adverse effects on your health.

All of these high-quality materials used in the construction of the Angel Juicer ensure that the juicer lasts for many years and that you can enjoy high-quality juice that is both delicious and packed with vital nutrients.

In summary, the Angel Juicer is constructed from the highest quality materials, ensuring its longevity and safety. With its twin gears made from surgical-grade stainless steel and a BPA-free body, this juicer will surely provide you with the healthy juice you have craved for years.

The Angel Juicer Makes Healthy Juice

When choosing a juicer, selecting one that can provide you with the most health benefits is important. The Angel Juicer is one of the best options available, especially for those who want to improve their health.

This juicer can help you make healthy, nutrient-rich juice free of additives and preservatives. Its slow and cold press technology ensures the juice retains maximum nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes.

Furthermore, the Angel Juicer is great for extracting juice from vegetables, fruits, wheatgrass, and herbs. It helps break down tough fibres and extract more juice from the pulp, ensuring you get more value for your money.

By incorporating fresh juices into your diet, you’ll notice an improvement in your digestion, skin, energy levels, and overall health. The Angel Juicer allows you to create personalised juice blends to meet your needs and preferences.

Juicing with the Angel Juicer is also an excellent way to detoxify your body. You can create juice recipes that target specific organs, such as the liver, kidneys, and lungs, to help flush out toxins from your body.

Overall, the Angel Juicer is an investment that will help you to lead a healthier lifestyle. It makes healthy and delicious juice that you can enjoy at any time of the day. With its incredible features and functions, there’s no doubt that it’s one of the best juicers on the market for optimal health.


The Angel Juicer is undoubtedly one of the best investments you can make for your health. It retains more nutrients than other juicers on the market and is incredibly versatile, durable, and easy to use and clean. Additionally, the juicer is made with quality materials, making it a reliable choice for long-term use. With its affordable price point and included warranty, there’s no reason not to choose the Angel Juicer for all your juicing needs. By selecting this high-quality juicer, you’ll take the first step towards a healthier, more vibrant life. So go ahead and invest in the Angel Juicer today – your body and taste buds will thank you!

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