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Super Angel Deluxe Juicer: A Comprehensive Review

Are you in the market for a top-of-the-range juicer to extract every last drop of juice from your fruits and vegetables? Look no further than the Super-Angel Deluxe juicer. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the features and performance of this premium juicing machine. The Super Angel Deluxe Juicer is part of the renowned Angel Juicer range, known for its superior build quality and juicing efficiency. Let’s explore what sets this juicer apart from the competition.

Introduction to the Angel Juicer Range

The Angel Juicer collection represents the pinnacle of juicing technology, embodying the perfect fusion of elegance and functionality. Esteemed for their enduring quality, these juicers have carved a niche among health enthusiasts and culinary experts. The lineup is celebrated not just for its aesthetic appeal but also for its unparalleled performance in extracting nutritious juices. Each model within the range, including the prestigious Super-Angel Deluxe, is meticulously engineered to enhance the juicing process, making it both a pleasure and a luxury.

With a focus on utilising advanced technology and superior materials, Angel Juicers have consistently set the standard for what consumers expect from a high-end juicing machine. Their commitment to excellence ensures that every sip of juice is a testament to the fruits and vegetables it came from and the innovation and quality that Angel Juicers stand for.

Unpacking the Super-Angel Deluxe: First Impressions

The moment one looks at the Super-Angel Deluxe, its sophistication is immediately apparent. The packaging itself suggests that what lies within is no ordinary kitchen gadget but a masterpiece of design and engineering. The premium quality stainless steel construction becomes evident as you carefully remove the juicer from its box. Its reflective surface promises durability and contributes to its modern, sleek aesthetic.

Holding the components in your hands, there’s a reassuring weight to them, indicative of robust construction and a commitment to longevity. The meticulous attention to detail in the design ensures that every element, from the feeding chute to the pulp ejection system, integrates seamlessly, underscoring the thoughtfulness that has gone into making the Super-Angel Deluxe not just a juicer but an experience in luxury and efficiency. The initial encounter with the machine sets a high expectation for its performance, leaving you eager to witness it in action.

Design and Build Quality of the Super-Angel Deluxe

Crafted with uncompromising attention to detail, the Super-Angel Deluxe boasts a predominantly high-grade stainless steel construction, which speaks to its enduring nature and a sophisticated aesthetic that enhances any kitchen it graces. Its contours are thoughtfully designed, ensuring that form and function coexist perfectly. The robustness of its build is palpable, each component engineered to withstand the rigours of frequent use without compromising on performance or appearance.

It epitomises the balance between industrial strength and elegant design, with its components fitting together with precision, allowing for an efficient juicing process devoid of common wear and tear issues. This seamless integration of elements, from the sturdy feeding chute to the efficient pulp ejection system, is a testament to the meticulous planning and execution invested in creating the Super-Angel Deluxe, setting a new benchmark in high-end kitchen appliances.

Super Angel Deluxe JuicerTechnical Specifications and What They Mean for Users

Delving into the technical specifications of the Super-Angel Deluxe reveals its cutting-edge features, which are designed to enhance the juicing experience significantly. Here’s what users need to know:

Motor Power

Boasting a robust motor, the Super-Angel Deluxe ensures efficient and swift juicing, reducing preparation time and energy consumption.

Dual-Stage Juicing System

This advanced feature means that produce is first crushed and pressed, ensuring maximum yield and nutrient retention. For users, this means getting the most out of every fruit and vegetable in terms of juice volume and nutritional value.

Stainless Steel Construction

The premium material guarantees durability and resistance to wear and tear. It also ensures that the juicer remains hygienic and easy to clean over time, providing a long-lasting aesthetic appeal in the kitchen.

Safety Mechanisms

Built-in safety features, including automatic shut-off and a safety sensor, offer users peace of mind, knowing that the juicer prioritises their well-being during operation.

Noise Reduction Technology

The design minimises operational noise, creating a more pleasant juicing experience without disrupting the household.

Understanding these specifications illuminates how the Super-Angel Deluxe caters to user needs, focusing on efficiency, safety, and convenience, thus justifying its position as a top-tier juicing appliance.

The Juicing Performance: Yield and Quality

Its unparalleled juicing efficiency is at the heart of the Super-Angel Deluxe’s appeal. This machine excels at extracting maximum juice yield, ensuring that every piece of fruit and vegetable is optimally utilised. The resulting juice stands out for its remarkable quality; it is noticeably more vibrant in taste and colour, reflecting the machine’s ability to preserve the natural essence and nutrients of the produce. The dryness of the pulp is another indicator of its efficacy; it highlights the juicer’s capability to squeeze out every possible drop of liquid.

This performance is impressive across various produce, from the softest fruits to the most fibrous vegetables, showcasing the Super-Angel Deluxe’s versatility. The texture of the juice is smooth and free of any unwanted pulp or froth, making each glass a pure, enjoyable drink. This aspect of the juicer caters to the health-conscious consumer seeking to maximise their nutrient intake and to the gourmet enthusiast in pursuit of the perfect juice blend.

The Versatility of the Angel Extractor

One of the standout features of the angel extractor, particularly within the Super-Angel Deluxe model, is its remarkable versatility. This machine is adept at handling various produce, from the softest berries to hard roots and fibrous greens. The precision engineering behind the dual-stage juicing system allows it to efficiently process various textures, ensuring optimal juice extraction from every ingredient. Whether you’re looking to create a refreshing citrus drink, a nutrient-packed green juice, or a dense, flavourful juice from root vegetables, this juicer easily meets the challenge.

Its capacity to adapt to different juicing needs without requiring multiple attachments or complex adjustments sets it apart from high-end juicers. This versatility expands the variety of juices one can enjoy and encourages experimentation with recipes, making the Super-Angel Deluxe an invaluable tool for those who cherish health and culinary creativity.

Usability and Cleaning: Is the Super-Angel Deluxe User-Friendly?

Despite its sophisticated design and advanced functionality, the Super-Angel Deluxe prides itself on being exceptionally user-friendly. The clarity of its instructions and the straightforwardness of its controls ensure that users, regardless of their previous juicing experience, can easily operate the machine. The process of cleaning the juicer is notably hassle-free. Its components, designed for quick assembly and disassembly, facilitate a cleaning routine that is both simple and efficient.

Notably, many parts of the juicer are suitable for cleaning in a dishwasher, significantly reducing the time and effort required for maintenance. This focus on convenience extends beyond the juicing and cleaning process, reflecting a broader commitment to ensuring that the Super-Angel Deluxe enhances the user’s lifestyle without adding complexity.

Efficiency and Speed of Juicing

One of the most notable attributes of the Super-Angel Deluxe is its proficiency in swiftly and effectively transforming a wide variety of ingredients into nutrient-rich juice. This is attributed to its potent motor and its meticulously designed components that work harmoniously to ensure a quick juicing process without compromising the quality of the juice produced.

The innovative dual-stage juicing system plays a crucial role here, efficiently crushing and pressing the produce, significantly reducing the overall juicing time. This feature is especially beneficial for those with busy lifestyles, as it offers a quick way to prepare healthy beverages without the lengthy preparation typically associated with juicing.

Moreover, the machine’s capacity to easily handle different types of fruits and vegetables makes it a versatile addition to any kitchen, streamlining the juicing process and making it an effortless task. The efficiency and speed of the Super-Angel Deluxe are, therefore, key factors in its appeal, promising a user experience that is both time-saving and satisfying.

Noise Levels during Operation

A distinguishing feature of the Super-Angel Deluxe, which sets it apart from many high-end juicers, is its remarkably quiet operation. Unlike the typical kitchen appliances that contribute to a cacophony of sounds, this juicer operates with a subdued hum. This is attributable to its well-designed motor and dual-stage juicing system, which work together to enhance juicing efficiency and keep noise to a minimum. This reduction in sound level makes the Super-Angel Deluxe ideal for early mornings or late-night juicing sessions, ensuring that your household’s tranquillity remains undisturbed.

The thoughtful engineering behind this feature reflects a keen understanding of user preferences, prioritising the juicing outcome and the overall experience of using the machine. The quiet operation underscores the brand’s commitment to creating appliances that seamlessly fit into users’ lifestyles. It acknowledges that the auditory experience of using a juicer is as important as its functionality and efficiency.

Safety Features of the Super-Angel Deluxe

In prioritising user safety, the Super-Angel Deluxe incorporates an array of robust safety mechanisms designed to offer protection and confidence during operation. Equipped with an advanced overload protection system, this juicer intelligently prevents overheating by automatically shutting off if it detects excessive load or operational stress, thus safeguarding the motor’s longevity.

Additionally, a meticulously integrated safety sensor ensures the machine operates only when assembled correctly, minimising the risk of accidental injury. This sensor acts as a fail-safe, preventing the juicer from starting until all components are securely in place. Such features reflect the manufacturers’ commitment to delivering outstanding performance and ensuring that every juicing session is conducted within a secure environment.

These thoughtfully designed safety measures underscore the Super-Angel Deluxe’s alignment with the highest user safety standards, reassuring that health and well-being are central to its design ethos.

Comparing the Super-Angel Deluxe With Other Juicers

When considering the Super-Angel Deluxe about other models on the market, several key differences become apparent:

Juicing Efficiency

The dual-stage juicing system of the Super-Angel Deluxe surpasses many competitors by ensuring maximum juice extraction and nutrient retention, outperforming models that utilise single-stage juicing processes.

Build Material

Unlike models predominantly made from plastic components, the Super-Angel Deluxe’s high-grade stainless steel construction offers unmatched durability and a timeless design that elevates the aesthetic appeal of any kitchen.

Noise Level

Thanks to its advanced noise reduction technology, it operates with a significantly reduced noise level compared to other high-end juicers, providing a more pleasant juicing experience without the disruptive sound.

Safety Features

With its comprehensive safety mechanisms, including automatic shut-off and safety sensors, the Super-Angel Deluxe ensures a higher level of user safety than models that may need more detailed attention to operational security.


Its ability to efficiently juice a wide range of produce, from soft fruits to fibrous vegetables and leafy greens, contrasts some juicers that need help with certain ingredients, limiting their versatility.

These distinctions highlight the advanced capabilities and thoughtful design of the Super-Angel Deluxe, setting it apart as a superior choice for those seeking the ultimate juicing experience.

Final Thoughts and Verdict on the Angel Juice Extractor

The Super-Angel Deluxe is an exemplary model within the angel juice extractor range. Its prowess in yielding nutrient-rich juice with remarkable efficiency, alongside the robust build and elegant design, positions it as an unrivalled choice for the discerning consumer. Acknowledging its price point, it represents an appliance and an investment in health and quality. For those prioritising wellness, culinary excellence, and appliance longevity, the Super-Angel Deluxe is undeniably a superior selection. Its performance and features underscore its value, making it a commendable addition to any kitchen setup.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the Super-Angel Deluxe that potential users often enquire about:

1. Is the Angel Juice Extractor suitable for commercial use?

Whilst primarily designed of Angel Juice Extractor for home use due to its elegant design and sophisticated engineering, its robust construction and efficiency make it a capable option for small-scale commercial environments where high-quality juice is a priority.

2. Can it juice leafy greens and wheatgrass effectively?

Absolutely. The dual-stage juicing system of the Super-Angel Deluxe is adept at handling leafy greens and wheatgrass, ensuring optimal extraction and nutrient preservation, making it perfect for those who enjoy green juices.

3. How does it compare in terms of noise with other juicers?

The Super-Angel Deluxe operates remarkably quietly compared to many other juicers on the market. Its design minimises noise, making it ideal for those who prefer a quiet kitchen environment.

4. Is it easy to source replacement parts or accessories?

Yes, replacement parts and accessories for the Super-Angel Deluxe are readily available from the manufacturer and selected retailers. This ensures the juicer can be maintained in top condition for many years of reliable service.


In wrapping up our review of the Super Angel Deluxe Juicer, it’s evident that this juicer is a cut above the rest. Boasting outstanding juicing performance, versatility, and durability, it is a premium investment for those dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. The seamless combination of high-end design, user-centric features, and robust safety measures makes it a top choice. Whether you’re a juicing novice or a seasoned enthusiast, the Super-Angel Deluxe promises to enhance your juicing experience, making it an unparalleled addition to any kitchen.

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